March 21st, 2024

KY-HIO Approved Rule Changes for 2024

Our Rule Book is in the process of being updated for 2024. Once the changes are completed we will post a full updated copy. Until then listed below are sections where changes will be applied.

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March 6th, 2024

KY-HIO To Make Advance Donation To Legal Defense Fund

Released 3/6/2024

Due to the pending rulemaking and the industry’s fight for justice and due process for the TWH and the right for all people of every walk of life to be able to continue showing and enjoying our beloved horse, the KY-HIO believes there is an urgent need to support the legal defense fund and is making a $1,500 advance donation to help fight the battle before us.

We encourage all exhibitors and owners who are going to show with multiple HIO’s during the season, to go ahead and purchase your Horse and Exhibitor cards now. This will help make funds available for the legal fund sooner rather than later in the year.

As many know, the KY-HIO announced in February they would not enforce the TWHBEA Horse and Exhibitor cards at our affiliated shows. Prior to making our decision, TWHBEA provided the HIO’s with information regarding horse and exhibitor entries from 2022 and 2023. Based on the statistics provided, it was determined that KY-HIO had less than 5% of the industry total for horse and exhibitor entries that did not cross over and show with multiple HIO’s. Taking all the information into consideration along with the feedback we received from exhibitors, owners, and show managers, the board determined the percentage to be very low and believed fund raising for the legal fund could be achieved in our region using other methods while providing the local youth, families, trail riders, and fair exhibitors an economical way to continue showing. Our region has experienced a steady decline in the number of shows being offered which is disturbing. The HIO needs to support the shows and show managers who continue to offer classes, and not deter entries by imposing more fees. This decision was not made lightly; however, our Board believes it was the right decision. As a result, we received messages of appreciation and some of retaliation.

We want to take this time to Thank those of you that are in support of our decision and understand our intentions of providing an opportunity for all to show. The KY-HIO vowed to do their part to support the industry and we stand firm on doing so. We are a small HIO with limited financial resources but believe fundraising can be achieved in other ways that will be more compatible with our area.

The KY-HIO is working to develop a strategy that will allow us to raise funds for the legal cause throughout the show season with no fee or rate increases to the exhibitors or shows. Every penny raised will be reported to the public.

The industry has seen unnecessary turmoil the past few weeks. It is time for everyone to come together. We need to be working for one cause and accept that there are diverse ways to achieve success. Exhibitors, owners, and trainers need to support all shows regardless of the affiliated HIO without fear of retribution. Everyone should be united in the fight, open minded, and demonstrate a willingness to accept all methods of support.

Riders of all ages, ranges of experience, income classifications and walk of life are welcome to show at any KY-HIO affiliated show. We hope those that have spoken against us will join us to show a united industry and remember the joys that comes from showing and love for our horses.

Released 3/6/2024

February 19th, 2024

The Exhibitor & Horse Cards administered by TWHBEA

will not be enforced by the KY‐HIO for the 2024 show season.

Recently you may have heard the announcement from TWHBEA on the implementation of Exhibitor

& Horse Cards. These cards will be required for all walking & racking horses and exhibitors at shows

sanctioned with SHOW HIO, AHS HIO and KY‐HIO. After the TWHBEA announcement, the KY‐HIO

received numerous calls from exhibitors, owners, and show managers with concerns on how the

implementation of the cards could impact an already strained industry.

The geographical area our HIO services is vastly different from the mega capitol of the TWH industry

located in middle Tennessee. Show managers were confident the implementation of the cards would

impact entries at their shows and discourage newcomers from getting involved with the breed.

Many shows were considering cancelling and owners were making plans to downsize their show

string. Our industry is already strained and the last thing it needs is for show entries and breed

registrations to decline. It would be disheartening to see youth not being able experience our great

horse and families leaving the industry because they can no longer afford to stay involved. After

careful consideration of the comments we received, the KY‐HIO has decided to opt out of enforcing

the exhibitor and horse cards. Therefore, exhibitors and horses will be able to compete at any KY‐HIO

sanctioned events without the card requirement. We believe this is necessary to help promote and

preserve the walking and racking horse industry for all in our region.

While we fully support the industry in its endeavors to fight for justice and due process for the TWH,

the owners, the exhibitors, and the trainers, we are committed to do what is best for those in our

region. Although we will not enforce the card requirement, we vow to do our part to support the

legal challenges to preserve our beautiful horse. The KY‐HIO will make a monetary donation to the

legal fund at year end based on its 2024 income profitability. We also commit to work with show

managers to accept donations from exhibitors at the show office. No donation is too small, and it will

allow a budget friendly method for exhibitors and owners to support the legal fund.

The KY‐HIO takes great pride in offering an affordable show experience to our smaller one‐night

shows as well as the larger multi‐day shows. We hope this action allows all exhibitors, owners and

show managers the ability to continue “Walking Together”.

January 6th, 2024

Judge’s Announcement

To renew your Judge’s license for 2024, please send your application and a $50 application fee to:


PO Box 216

Kenna, WV 25248

All applications are to be submitted by February 1, 2024.

Applications can be downloaded from our website under Forms.

**New for 2024**

KY-HIO, INC. will permit judges to hold dual HIO licenses.

There will be a strong emphasis placed on the judge to know the rules of the 

HIO they are representing.

KY-HIO will be conducting a Judge’s Clinic on February 17th for

 applicants who did not hold any HIO license in 2023.

The clinic will be held at TownePlace Suites,  2018 Colby Taylor Drive, Richmond, KY.

To make hotel reservations, call 859-353-4860.

For additional information contact –

Terry Logan Lunsford at (859) 576-8433

Gabe Owens at (606) 282-0672.

DQP Announcement

DQP Clinic is scheduled for February 17th.

The clinic will be held at TownePlace Suites,  2018 Colby Taylor Drive, Richmond, KY.

For additional information contact –

Brent Carter (423) 507-9165

January 5th, 2023

Judge’s Announcement

To renew your Judge’s license for 2023, please send your application and $50 application fee to:

KY-HIO, Inc.

PO Box 216

Kenna, WV 25248

All applications must be post marked by February 1, 2023.

Applications can be downloaded from our website under forms.

For additional information contact Terry Logan Lunsford at (859) 576-8433.

DQP Announcement

DQP Clinic is scheduled for February 18, 2023, at 

Madison County Fairgrounds in Richmond, KY.

Anyone interested in becoming a DQP should contact:

Brent Carter (423) 507-9165 


Tim Toler (304) 380-6242.

Jan 25th, 2022

Exciting News....

The KY-HIO, INC has simplified our fee system for the 2022 show season. We will now cover mileage, accommodations, and session fees for all DQPs. Show management will simply pay a $10 fee for each entry inspected pre-show. (Example: If a horse show has 100 enties inspected-The show pays 100 x $10). No additional fees will be charged by the KY-HIO, INC. The KY-HIO, INC Board of Directors hopes that this method will assist in cost planning and aid in show managers being able to host a more profitable horse show. Our goal is to put the horse first by walking together. 

Please stay tuned for more exciting updates from the KY-HIO, INC in this new year.